Grape Daiquiri


I found out I had rum in the larder, leftover grapes, honey and lemon in the fridge. And so, I decided to make myself a nice evening tipple. Ok, fine … I just wanted to add alcohol to my blended juice. Don’t judge me cos I’m gonna give you the recipe, and you can basically use this with any fruit k?

Recipe from ‘a long week at work’
40ml rum
Handful of grapes
1 tsp honey (I used manukah cos healthy)
Squeeze of lemon
Handful of ice

Put it all in a blender, pour it in anything you can sip from. Park yourself by your window and watch the cars go by or have a video call with a friend.

#grape #daiquiri #cocktail #drinks #happyhour #foodphotography #foodstagram  #instafood #yummy


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