Colour-food Symphony

Monochrome Nero Spaghetti
Monochrome Nero Spaghetti
Earthy Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil
Earthy Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil
Colour Burst Calamari with Salsa and Greens
Primary Colour Burst Calamari with Salsa and Greens
Bright & Pale Mexican Eggs
Bright & Pale Mexican Eggs

Who knew that we would have a big b(r)unch of colours on our table? And I’m glad it turned out that way that Saturday afternoon at Kith Cafe (Sentosa Cove)! J and I had our fill post Away Spa Massage and though I was looking forward to Kith’s Pesto/ Aglio Olio Pasta (which they didnt have at this particular outlet), I was more than happy to dig into the Nero Spaghetti (Warning: Do not eat on first dates or work lunches/ dinners, complete removal of nero-sity on the mouth cannot be guaranteed. To be eaten only with friends who don’t care how you look when talking to you or with a box over your head.:) ) – I always have a soft spot for nero anything, risotto anything and chicken wings anything. I literally cannot help myself. Everything you see in these pics were absolutely delish! D-E-L-I-S-H! The best part? Each of the dishes had it’s own colour theme! We truly had a Multi-Col(our)tural Brunch

Nero Spaghetti (Italian)– had an all round rich and fresh ocean taste and that lingering teeth blackening effect 🙂
Wild Mushroom Soup (American)* – this was their soup of the day. Had real mushrooms and tasted like real mushrooms 🙂 Didn’t care much for the piece of toast though. The hint of truffle oil was just right.Calamari (Italian)– Crispy on the outside (perfect batter) and soft and tender on the inside! Salsa was savoury and tangy. YUMS!
Mexican Eggs (Fusion) – Eggs Benedict with an “Ariba Ariba” twist with smoke salmon, beans and avocado mayo. (Speaking of Eggs Bens with twists: make your own here.)

*I never knew Mushroom Soup was American!

We paired our food with the very well loved Mr. Earl Grey – an Earl Grey Caramel Latte that was soft and light and creamy for me and an Iced Earl Grey Lavender Orange Tea for J.

Kith Cafe has expanded to 3 outlets since their humble beginnings at Robertson Quay (another outlet is located at Park Mall). And of all their outlets I like this one the best for its marina-side location that is reminisce of Darling Harbour with its water-side eateries and bars (minus the cool weather). They serve brunchy breakfasty food and menus differ from location to location but be sure to try out their eggs, toasties, pastas and coffee!

Where is Sydney in Singapore?
Where is Sydney in Singapore?

During a recent visit to the Robertson Quay outlet with B, C and lil’ L, R & I had the eggs (Salmon and Something I can’t remember) and B & C had the pasta (Pesto and Aglio Olio) and lil’ D & lil L shared the Tuna, Dried Apricot and Cheese Toastie (sounds weird, I know, but it was really good!).  Be prepared to bear with the heat at Robertson Quay (cannot understand how the numerous Caucasian Families can stand the heat), otherwise I’d recommend paying $7 to enter Sentosa and be chillin’ like a villain at Quayside Isle. 🙂


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