ODP oh ODP oh how I love you so. ODP (Open Door Policy) is a little urbanised/ deconstructed/ grungy looking restaurant by the Spa Esprit Group in hipster central(a.k.a Tiong Bahru) in Singapore – a spin off concept of Tippling Club (at more affordable prices) by the same chef Ryan Clift. They’ve been around for a while (2 years? i think) and it’s our go-to place for date nights whenever we have no idea what new place to try or what we want to eat – ODP is the place because we know we’ll have a good time 🙂 On our latest Date Night No.-Dunno-What (it’s nice that we’ve lost count – either we’ve been on so many or they have been so far apart you lose track haha!) we had from ODP’s latest menu:

Roast Quail with Ginger and Spring Onion
Roast Quail with Ginger and Spring Onion

Risotto Nero with Confit Calamari
Risotto Nero with Confit Calamari
The ODP (Wagyu) Burger
The ODP (Wagyu) Burger

Everything was really good (as usual) and the fries were especially awesome. Other appetizers/ mains that I’d say are noteworthy include Spinach, Broc and Snap Pea Salad, 4 Bean Bruschetta, After all that we shared, we had hoped to squeeze in some dessert, but alas it was not to be – we’ll just have to come again to have our fix of ‘Why Just Sunday’ Ice Cream (when ordering this the staff may trick you into saying ‘Why Just Sunday’ by telling you that they only serve this on Sundays – you can choose to play along, it’s fun!), Apple Crumble and Pistachio Souffle. *mmmm*

We have yet to visit them during Brunch (Menu) and we hope to do so soon – or maybe we’ll just keep this venue as a Date Night venue for now 🙂

Open Door Policy (Reservations Recommended)
Call: +65 6221 9307
Visit in Person: 19 Yong Siak Street (Yong Siak View) Singapore 168650
Visit Online:
Reserve Online at

ps: Here’s a post about another one of Spa Esprit Group’s food concepts – Tiong Bahru Bakery in the same vicinity as ODP that you might want to check out.



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