Single Origin Roasters (Sydney)

Autumn Hash – Mushrooms, Cavelo Nero and Poached Hens Egg on Sourdough
The Aftermath

Are you like us when we travel – always heading back to your favourite haunts each time you visit the place? R and I are like that with the places we travel to often. In Hong Kong we always have a sunset dinner overlooking the harbour from Kowloon to Hong Kong at Hutong. join the line to have a bowl of Beef Curry Noodles at Kau Kee or have Dim Sum at Luk Yu Tea House. When in Sydney we most definitely head to Bills at Surry Hills (touristy I know, but I can’t help it!), Bourke Street Bakery (my absolute must-go bakery, wish there was one in Singapore! thankfully I got their cookbook :)) and there’s Single Origin Roasters (SOR), our new found breakfast haunt.

Single Origin Roasters are experts in the craft of coffee, sourcing for their own sustainably grown coffee beans from all over the world (exotic locales and on homeground) and taking those single origin beans (offerings change weekly) and making their own blends. The House Blend is expertly concocted by their in house baristas and a must-try! You get a vibe that SOR doesn’t really care about much else except its coffee and I don’t mean it in a bad way. Coffee enthusiasts/experts/crazies are on to something – it’s a whole culture and way of life. If you’re going to have a cuppa it’d better be damn good and that pretty much sums up the coffee promise in Australia – it’s hard to find a place w bad coffee. But at SOR the coffee’s definitely damn good but there’s more – it’s more alluring and inviting and home-y in a ‘i couldn’t care less’ kind of way, in a ‘honestly stay as long as you like and come visit as often as you like we’ll keep making you this awesome coffee’ – AHA! like hanging out at a friend’s place 🙂 You feel right at home!

Pair your drink with anything from their menu (which changes with the seasons) of dishes made from sustainably grown produce (awesome produce = awesome food). it really hits the right (fuzzy) spot when you put it all together. I had the Autumn Hash (pic above) in this last trip and it was JUST PERFECT. There’s also a daily selection of baked goods to choose from *mmm*

Confession: I’m really not a coffee person, all this talk about coffee might make you think I’m one. Sorry for calling sommay’all crazies (but some of you really are!). I’m really more of a tea person, not in a connoisseur sense, but in a I prefer tea to coffee sense (been onto Earl Grey of late). BUT once you mention ‘Affogato’ (Vanilla Ice Cream topped with a Shot of Espresso) and I’ll drop everything.

SOR’s Affogato

Suddenly all my hang ups about the taste of coffee blablabla goes out the window and my nose is buried in the ice cream 🙂

I know I’ve posted about SOR before, but just to jolt your memory on awesome (tasting and looking) their food is:

Croque Monsieur – Ham and Cheese vs 4-cheese in a battle to the death
House Baked Brioche with Dark Chocolate Sauce and Seville Orange Marmalade

Where it’s at
60-64 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010,
(cross street: Elizabeth St)

See what they’re up to on their Blog
Follow them on Twitter (@Single_o) and Facebook


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