A ♥-y Breakfast

Honestly, nothing says “You’re loved” like a hearty breakfast made by a loved one.

From the breakfasts of porridge made by my grandmother, to the toasts with fruits made by my mother and now my husband who makes me anything I fancy really 🙂

On the menu this week was a wholesome glass of Strawberry Granola Yoghurt (they started out as Strawberry Granola Parfaits but that was just too much work and these are equally yummy and lovely.)

It’s simple to make layer as much yoghurt as your want in a cup (any flavour will do just not the ‘Natural’ flavour that’s way too sour), follow with as much granola and top with about 6 strawberry halves (cut lengthwise). Mix it up and you’ve got a healthy head start to your morning!


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