Crackle Me Up!

Schweinshaxen mit Kartoffelknödel (Pork Knuckle with Potato Dumpling)

I wonder who invented the pork crackling- was it the Chinese or the Germans? Well, whoever it was – Thank you for this wonderful creation! This ain’t something I’m gonna try anytime soon tho as I shall leave it to the experts  and I think I’d better get roast beef roastin’ right first. But here’s a look at all the Schweinshaxen (Pork Knuckle) R & I had in 4 days! 🙂


– Day 1 in Munich –
At Viktualien Mart, Charlotte spies with her little eye some Mini-Haxe (mini pork knuckle) which isn’t very mini. It’s actually the size of my palm!

Die Ersten Schweinshaxen at Dürnbraü (The First Pork Knuckle)

It’s Dinner Time!
Whilst most tourists would head to Hofbrauhaus, DO NOT BE FOOLED my dear friends by this famous brauhaus’ sounvenir shop and the lederhosen-clad band, for I would recommend dining at Dürnbraü instead, for a taste of true Bavarian culture and food! It’s been rated as one of the best places for Schweinshaxen in Munich.  Here you will see a WHOLE Schweinshaxen sitting in a pool of light clear broth, served with Kartoffelknodel (Potato Dumpling) with Durnbrau’s very own version of  Sauerkraut (background) to be washed down with Apfelschorle (Apple Juice + Sparkling Mineral Water) and Weissbier.

Schweinebraten Sandwich und Club Sandwich mit Gerkhin

– Day 2 in Munich –
Back to Viktualien Mart for breakfast in the Biergarten (pictured below) where R and I share a Club Sandwich (*yawn* just kidding, it was good!) and a Schweinebraten Sandwich (Roast Pork Sandwich) – can you see that strip of crackled skin peeking out from under the top bun? Hello!!

Biergarten in Viktualien Mart

With a skip and a hop and merry merry time (at Hard Rock for a mid-day drink and shopping around town) we end up BACK at our hang-out and had ourselves a little mid-day ‘snack’

Die Zweite Schweinshaxen (The Second Pork Knuckle)
Oh beautiful Crackling!
Ein Biss Schweinshaxen (A bite of Schweinshaxen)
Ein weiterer biss Schweinshaxen (Another bite of Schweinhaxen)

Verdict: Skin was zuper crispy and OILY *ugh* and the meat was oh-so-tender and moist! Delish!

Die Dritte Schweinshaxen (The Third Pork Knuckle)

– Day 3 in Tegernsee –
After a day of touring round the outskirts of Tegernsee (a lake town an hour and a half south of Munich), it’s time to dig into a hearty Bavarian Meal of Schweinshaxen mit Kartoffelsalat (Pork Knuckle with Potato Salad) und the best Weissbier I’ve ever had in my life! Bräustüberl is a family friend’s, R’s, favourite hang out – a place he could go to several times a day for a drink (by  drink I mean at least 3 x 500ml mugs of beer) or a meal. Quite like how I could go to my favourite Bak Chor Mee (Minced Meat Noodle) stall everyday!
Here’s what a typical Bavarian Beer Hall would look like – domed-ceilings and thick walls that keep out the cold in winter and keep the heat out in summer.

Bräustüberl - a traditional Bavarian Beer Hall

So, 1 Schweinshaxen, 1 cold cuts platter, 8 mugs of Weissbier and 2 Schnapps later, we stumbled out into the Bavarian night and headed straight for bed!
Thankfully, we took a break from Schweinshaxen on Day 4 but 3 Schweinshaxens in 4 days might have already been overdoing it. *sheepish look* Well, no regrets I say! But it’ll certainly be a while before my next Schweinshaxen!

And so we say Auf Wiedersehen to Munich and Tegernsee and head off to Italy!


Marienplatz in Munich

3 thoughts on “Crackle Me Up!

  1. There must be something universal about it. My first haxe was in Thailand, and I recall pork rinds being a popular snack in Thailand and Mexico, as well of course as in the southern US.

    My North Carolina born father LOVED visiting us here and getting to have pork crackling with almost every meal. It was kind of like home for him, except that he doesn’t get to eat it much at home anymore!

    If you’re ever back in Munich, I highly recommend a stop at Haxnbauer. Pork knuckle is their specialty – you’ll see them roasting all day in the window! Many locals will tell you that’s the best restaurant Haxe in Munich


    1. Hi Anne! Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the comment and recommendation! I do hope to return to Germany soon! I have been meeting many Germans of late and am absolutely bowled over by your countrymen’s sense of humour! 🙂


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