Hamming it Up

Wow! it’s been a while since my last post! Sorry guys! Was up in Europe galavanting with R for 2 weeks, but I’d been thinking about what this first post after the trip would be about. It would be hard to write about one specific thing about each city we visited and I didn’t want to be seen to play favourites but I have finally arrived at the lowest common denominator – HAM!

I got ham in all 3 countries that I visited! Germany/ Austria – Speck, Italy – Prosciutto and Jamon in Spain!

Speck from a Speckeria in Austria (all nicely vacuum packed). Speck has a very distinct flavour that comes from juniper – it’s one that’s hard to describe!

Freshly sliced Prosciutto di Parma in Florence with Mozzarella Cheese and Basil *mmm* Whilst prosciutto goes fantastically with Rocket it’s even BETTER with basil! Try it!

and sliced-by-hand Jamon Iberico (Iberian Ham of the Iberian black pigs) in the Boquiera Market in Barcelona for a schnack 🙂 Confession: I did a little cheer when I saw these little snack boxes of Jamon Iberico cos I really really love eating ham! and would totally understand the need to have it as a snack in a lil box that you’d normally see fries in! Spaniards truly understand this! Apparently these pieces of ham are what known as ‘Spanish Chewing Gum’ cos of its texture and also of the strip of fat that remains after you’re done chewing all the flavour and meat out. I could eat this everyday! It’s my weakness. Taste wise – it was game-y-er than the Jamon Serrano (which literally means mountain ham and it mostly white pig) and Prosciutto but OH SO YUMMY! Ate it for breakfast for 3 days 😛

Now i’ve got a grand total of at least 1 kilo of ham put together, so gotta think of what to whip up with all this ham! 🙂

Missing Europe already! More about Europe to come!


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