Bebek Bihun (Duck Bee Hoon)

Took a trip to Medan for work and our hosts brought us to THE. MOST. AMAZING. STALL. that sells Bebek Bihun right in an area called Kumango. Extremely popular with the locals, I was about to be served a simple bowl of noodles that packed a punch!

1st layer: Secret Sauce cradling the noodles, made from a base of soy sauce i’m sure.
2nd layer: Bee Hoon a little thinner than Thick Bee Hoon (粗米粉) and a little thicker than Thin Bee Hoon (幼米粉) and oh-so-delicately soft but not mushy
3rd layer: An entire mound of shredded duck
4th layer: Generous Generous sprinkling of fried garlic full of flavour
5th layer: Secret Sauce drizzled sparingly atop the little pieces of garlic, glistening in the flickering fluorescent light
Garnish: Chopped Chives
Side Kick: Hearty boiling-for-many-hours Chicken Soup. I think if you distilled it, a chicken would remain. Though, we couldn’t decide if the AJINOMOTO on the bowl had anything to do with the taste…

It has been 2 months and not a day has gone by where I have not thought about these noodles, recalling the plethora of simple and subtle tastes in one bowl. Will someone please bring Bebek Bihun to Singapore? I’ve bitten and am smitten.


5 thoughts on “Bebek Bihun (Duck Bee Hoon)

  1. Guess what it is here in town now and at an authentice Medanese place call Medan Town in Tanjong Katong. Their snacks and desserts are also damn good! love the Es Sekoteng and their Es Chendol too. My fave is the Emie!


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