Rose Bud Tea

I have to be totally honest, there is not much else that can make me go *ahhhh* like a cup of Rose Bud Tea (except chicken wings of any kind – that also makes me go *ahhhh* but in a different way). It smells like autumn and makes you feel oh-so-feminine, it’s a tea that truly lifts you up when you are feeling down and definitely won’t keep you up in bed (for the caffeine-intolerant like me) – so is perfect for sipping just before you hit the sack! I found these rose buds in Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok, and got me a couple of packs from a nice elderly couple who seemed to be the only ones in Chatuchak selling dried herbs, spices and tea.

Here’s how to make yourself a cuppa:

Rose Bud Tea

Tea Cup (or any other cup/ mug)
Tea Strainer (if you mind the buds floating – I personally don’t)
Kettle (to heat water)
Spoon (for stirring)

Rose Buds (used for tea)


1. Heat water in kettle until about 50°C.
2. Place rose buds in cup/ Place rose buds in tea strainer and place over/ in the cup (depending on the type of tea strainer you are using)
3. Pour hot water over rose buds into the cup.
4. Swirl/ Stir a couple of times and then allow to steep for about 45 seconds and then remove rose buds.*
*Note: you can choose to leave it in there for longer for a stronger flavour (cos I’m not a tea purist and cos I like to cheat), the 45 second rule was obtained from the Tea Purists at TWG – where I bought 2 other amazing teas – Silver Moon and Parisian Night. Can’t bear to consume them too quickly *heh*

Enjoy m’ladies!


3 thoughts on “Rose Bud Tea

  1. Hi there,

    I’m looking to buy some dried rose buds. Can you recall where in Chatuchak Market the vendor from whom you purchased these is located?


    1. Hi NB,

      How are you? Wow this is a tough one! Chatuchak is really huge! I remember it was in the home accessories section and the stall just appeared out of nowhere! huge stall selling all dried herbs.



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