The aim? For every customer to go “Wow” (and nothing less) from the moment they enter to the time they leave  – that’s the W Hotel’s promise.

We stayed at the W Hotel on a recent trip to Hong Kong and 4 months later I’m still in Wow. I once told a friend that I’d like to make a list of Whatever made me go Wow, Whenever I could find time. So here goes!

1. Welcomed by Sophisticated Grandeur

The Grand W Wall

I just realised that you can makeout little Ws in the wall’s background! Wowed again 🙂

2. Weally Awesome Loyalty Programme (by Starwood) and Crazy Digital Art


Check out the dizzying Digital Art Installation, this sits behind the reception counter – never seen anything like it before.

3. Welcoming you Whatever, Whenever

Welcome to W
W Concierge - Whatever, Whenever

Heart the Wheatgrass Pots!

(Wanted to get some for the office but they don’t last past 7 days apparently!)

4. Wonderfully Tasteful Decor

W Living Lobby

5. Wacky Flower Arrangements

Wacky Flower Arrangements

6. Wait and Eat and Drink

Wango Tango Mango Treats
W Fruit Water
Whet your Appetite with W Fruit Water

Have a snack and drink while you wait to be checked-in

7. Wait a Minute, It’s a Digital Lift Carpet!

W's Digital Lift Carpet

8.  Walking to our Room

White Lift Lobby
Which way to go?
Wandering down the Corridor
Wondering about your Room No.?

9. Wicked Room

Wicked Room
Wanity Counter

10. Wawesome Roof Top Pool

Wicked Roof Top Pool

Too bad it was way too cold for us to wade!

11.What’s there to Eat?

Have the oft-talked about buffet breakfast at Kitchen


and then head out for a day of sight-seeing and shopping. And when it’s time to rest your feet, head back to W and into the Living Room

Living Room

to unwind with an cool evening drink.  All that walking would have surely worked up an appetite, so don’t forget to complete your W dining experience at Fire.


12. Wanting some Wonderful Service?

Talk about personal service

1. R needed to get his shoes fixed (soles were coming off) and the W dude that came to pick up his shoes personally went to a cobbler (in the rain) to get it done and came back with the receipt. R paid nothing more than what the receipt stated. Needless to say we were impressed!

2. A short walk from the train station to the airport, a W dude accompanied R’s grandma and I all the way, helping us with our bags. We had a great conversation with him talking about his family etc – what a pleasant way to end a lovely stay at W.

Wan more time in August 2010! W HERE WE COME!

W Hong Kong

1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Kowloon

Hong Kong, China

(852) 3717 2222



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