Alas, Tapas!

L to R: Calamari and Anchovies
L to R: Pig's Ears, Crab Claws and Potato Croquettes
L to R: Mussels, Salad, Shrimp and Tiny Octopodes

So after Germany and Italy we hit Spain! and Barcelona to be exact! A place bustling with activity, bursting with gourmet treats at every corner – constantly whetting our appetite!

First Stop! Tapas (of course) at Bar Celta (take an old school kopitiam with its culinary treasures and transpose it to this Tapas Bar in Barce. ) A tapas bar in Barceis quite like the Singapore Chai Png stall, to order – just point.

(Spanish) Omelette with Potatoes
Crispy Just-Friend Calamari
Fried Chorizo
Fried Crab Claws and Potato Croquettes
Boiled Pig's Ears with Olive Oil and Chilli Powder


A HUGE Octopus waiting in the window
Many Octopodes waiting on the counter
Charlotte's Octopus Sliced and ready for Eating

The Octupus is simply boiled and seasoned with Olive Oil and Chili Powder – MY FAVOURITE TAPAS of the trip! Couldn’t get enough!

Royal Sangria

Nothing like a bottle of “Real” Sangria to wash down the tapas with! I pretty much finished the whole bottle 😛 *heh*

So we started our trip with an old school tapas bar and will end our trip with an unforgettable tapas experience … till the next post! Adios!

*Check Please*



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